Conditions Treated With Bioidentical Hormones in Palm Beach County

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Helps Treat Numerous Conditions and Symptoms

West Palm Beach Bioidentical Hormones SpecialistsOur Directory of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy physicians in the greater Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach Metro areas use Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy to treat numerous conditions that are the result of hormonal imbalances. Men and women can have an improved quality of life while reducing the many symptoms of hormonal decline. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement physicians offer customized treatment plans that can provide solutions to individual health concerns. Some of the conditions that can be improved with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy include:

Fibromyalgia typically affects women, and while physicians are unsure as to what causes fibromyalgia, imbalanced hormones can negatively impact the body’s immune system and influence the way the body processes pain responses. The pain can begin in the morning or during the day, and the soft tissues of the body, such as the tendons and muscles are mostly affected. Some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia may include mental fogginess, shooting muscle pains, tender points, fatigue, bladder and bowel issues, and morning stiffness. Bio-identical hormones can help to balance hormones, which may positively affect the immune system and reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia.
Menopause begins after twelve consecutive months without a menstrual period. When the ovaries stop producing sufficient amounts of estrogen and progesterone during menopause, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can help restore the necessary hormone levels to alleviate the symptoms caused from deficient hormones. Some of the common symptoms that occur during menopause that can be helped with bioidentical hormones may include fatigue, osteoporosis, hot flashes, anxiety, depression, night sweats, hair loss, vaginal dryness, insomnia, and low libido.
In men, the production of testosterone reduces as men reach the late forties or early fifties, and this phase of life is known as andropause, which involves the decline of hormones in aging males. Andropause is not a sudden development, but it happens gradually. Some of the symptoms that occur during andropause include hair loss on the scalp, groin, and under the arms, muscle atrophy, erectile dysfunction, insomnia, night sweats, reduced workout performances, low libido, depression, and anxiety.
Perimenopause is the stage that occurs three to seven years before menopause, and it begins when estrogen and progesterone levels drop. Imbalances in estrogen and progesterone can cause many symptoms to occur, and women going through perimenopause may encounter issues that include irregular periods, dysmenorrhea, anovulation, migraines, increased PMS symptoms, fatigue, low libido, water retention, weight gain, and amenorrhea. Balancing hormones with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can reduce the symptoms of perimenopause and improve overall levels of health.
Adrenal Fatigue
Adrenal Fatigue is a common stress related syndrome, and it usually occurs when excess amounts of stress trigger the adrenals to excrete too much cortisol. The adrenal glands are a part of the body’s fight or flight system, and stress causes them to become exhausted. Eventually, the body’s high demand for cortisol causes the body to break down sex hormones and use them to formulate more cortisol. Often, people with adrenal fatigue exhibit symptoms that include mental and physical fatigue, nervousness, mental fogginess, difficulty getting out of bed, insomnia, body aches, hair loss, and salty food cravings. Balancing hormones can help to restore adrenal gland function and reduce the symptoms of adrenal fatigue.
Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is similar to an autoimmune disorder, and it can be triggered by hormonal imbalances related to the kidneys and the adrenal glands. Parts of the kidneys produce hormones, and when they are not producing enough hormones due to stress, a person may experience constant fatigue, which is the main symptom in chronic fatigue syndrome. Other symptoms closely mimic flu-like symptoms and may include swollen lymph nodes, muscle aches, headaches, a chronic sore throat, and poor concentration.
Low thyroid function is known as hypothyroidism, and because the thyroid gland controls metabolism and many metabolic functions, thyroid issues occur when the thyroid hormone is not produced in adequate amounts. In the condition of hypothyroidism, men and women may experience constipation, intolerance to cold, depression, thinning hair, goiter, muscle cramps, dry skin, heavy periods, and unexplained weight gain.
Hyperthyroid is the opposite condition of hypothyroid, and it occurs when the thyroid hormone is produced in excess amounts. Most treatments for hyperthyroid involve stopping the thyroid from producing hormones all together, which causes a deficiency in the body of thyroid hormone. In hyperthyroid, a person may experience bulging eyes, sudden weight loss, increased bowel movements, spontaneous sweating, thinning skin and hair, panic, increased heart rate, anxiety, nervousness, and irritability.

Florida Bioidentical Hormone Doctors have helped countless men and women to improve conditions related to hormonal imbalances with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Palm Beach Florida Bioidentical Hormone Doctors are proud to serve patients surrounding Palm Beach County Florida. If you would like to learn more about treatment options, talk to a local Bioidentical Hormone Doctor who can provide you answers to any of your questions.

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